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Smart home technology in Dubai

smart home dubai

As one of the applications of home automation or Domotics (derived from the Latin word “Domus” which means home), a smart home provides people with comfort, security, energy efficiency, and convenience. A smart home is a home that has instruments that by being internet-connected make remote monitoring of home facilities (lights, heating or cooling systems, etc) possible. It is obvious that when we mention internet-connected instruments, we mean devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and game consoles.

Locks of the doors, TVs, thermostats, home monitors, cameras, lamps, and even devices like refrigerators can be controlled in this way and the user can make time schedules for given changes to take place.

Intelligent house provide people with:

  • A relaxed mind (through remote home monitoring and preventing risks like a forgotten kettle on the oven)
  • Energy, water, and other resources efficiency (instead of leaving your cooler or heater on all day to have your home cool or warm enough at your arrival, you can adjust them remotely to start working sometime before you arrive home. So besides having appropriate temperature, you have also conserved energy).
  • Security
  • Comfort

Smart home in Dubai

Since Dubai is one of the leading cities in the field of modern innovations, the concept of smart home in Dubai has received a lot of attention from the citizens and officials of this city.

In fact in UAE, Smart homes are getting more popular every day and it is forecasted that the requirement for Smart home in Dubai will increase in the next few years. Some reasons for this enhancement are:

1- Increase in modern residential developments in Dubai

2- Low market prices

3- Increase in people’s awareness of the unique technology

Some Examples of intelligent house technologies used in UAE and Dubai:

· Smart TVs connect to the internet to access content through applications, such as on-demand video and music. Some smart TVs also include voice or gesture recognition.

· Besides being able to be checked remotely, smart lighting systems can diagnose when people are in the home and adjust the amount of light demanded. Also, Smart lightbulbs can regulate themselves according to accessible daylight.

· Smart thermostats, let users observe and remotely control home temperatures. These thermostats also learn residents’ behaviors and automatically adjust settings to provide them with as much convenience and efficiency as possible. Smart thermostats are also able to report energy use amounts and remind users to change things like filters and some of them are connected to security systems that have smoke detectors.

  • Smart Lights with Light controls that are appropriate for spaces like corridors where light is needed and often left on incidentally.

· Smart locks diagnose the nearness of residents and unlock the doors for their arrival.

· Smart security cameras are used when people are far from their homes. These devices have motion sensors to detect the difference between visitors, pets, residents, and robbers and if any suspicious matter is detected, they send alarms to police.

· Houseplants can be watered by smart devices in a time-scheduled manner and smart feeders take care of domestic animals.

· There are Smart Kitchen instruments available, including smart coffee makers (that you can give them a scheduled program and they stew coffee for you based on the program), smart refrigerators (that care for expiration dates, provide lists for buying lacked items in it and offer recipes according to the raw materials in it), smart washing machines and dryers and smart toasters and cookers.

· Household system monitors are also available. They detect, for instance, an electric surge and automatically turn off devices or detect water failures or the pipes which are freezed and turn the water stream off to prevent the basement flood.

· By smart doorbells, people can be aware when other people come to their doors when they’re not at home. These doorbells also make it possible to remotely communicate with people who have come.

· Window Sensors: by having them you can get alerts whenever your children open the windows or have alarms to close the windows at night.

Garage door control all devices in a smart home are under the control of a master home automation controller called a smart home hub which is a hardware device that acts as the heart of a smart home system and can sense, process data, and make relationships with homeowners wirelessly. A smart home hub joins all of the separate apps into a single smart home app which can be controlled afar.

Cost of Smart home in Dubai

Many people think that automation and having a smart home in Dubai costs a lot and also increases the number of bills. Of course it is a wrong assumption; by having smart homes you will pay less for bills. 

Having a smart home in Dubai helps you lower the maintenance costs of your residence in this country.

The costs of smart home technologies are varied from a few thousand dollars for a wireless system to tens of thousands of dollars for a hardwired system.

A key suggestion regarding the cost of smart a home in Dubai is that “don’t buy services before paying enough attention to its quality, technical aspects, and warranty and only because of their low cost”.

Some intelligent home solutions and service providers in Dubai:

1- My DNS: one of the Best CCTV Camera Installers in Dubai & UAE

2- ALAYOUBI Technologies is an IT and security company in UAE and offers its clients automation products such as CCTV video surveillance solutions.

3- Jumbo (Jumbo Unwired) which provides:

  • Smart security solutions
  • Home Automation
  • Entertainment Solutions (Smart Audio, Streaming Devices, Projector Set-up, Smart TV Solutions and Gaming Hub)
  • connectivity solutions (Advanced wireless Connectivity, Printer Set-up for Connecting a printer to your network and print from anywhere in your home via smartphone, PC, or any other smart device, Device Integration and Connectivity to Connect all your devices, stream, download, and upload simultaneously without loss of speed or coverage and Dead Zone Removal to Ensure your Wi-Fi covers every corner of your house)

4- Prog Tech that some of its solutions are:

• Wired and Wireless Smart Home/Office Solution

 • Building Management System

 • Lighting Control System

 • CCTV Surveillance Systems

 • Home Cinemas & Music Systems

 • Structured Cabling & Wifi Solutions

5- Legrand : providing smart home systems including the bellow in Dubai:

  • Lighting control
  • Multimedia system
  • Radio Zigbee
  • Security
  • Sound diffusion
  • Temperature control

6- INTELLIGENT HOME which some of its products are as listed below: door sensors, flood sensors, wall plug, etc.

7- AVARIO which has services and products for smart homes, with the best regard for simplicity.

8- smart life which has products in:

  • Control center
  • Home security
  • Smart lighting
  • Shading system
  • Room climate

9- smart connection: its products include:

  • smart building systems
  • CCTV monitoring
  • time attendance and access control.

Smart homes are a reflection of the advancement of modernity and technology in our daily lives. In this blog, we reviewed the concept of smart home, its examples and applications, smart home in Dubai, and some of its service providers in this city.

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