Humidity monitoring and control

Protect your business by humidity level monitoring and control

Remote humidity monitoring and control has an important role in manufacturing, research and industry, greenhouses and… for maintaining network stability and preventing failures. Monitoring and control system contains an integrated sensor that offers multiple options. So, problems will be decreased or eliminated by careful remote monitor and control using humidity sensors.

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Promotes plant growth by online humidity monitoring and control

You can ensure optimal conditions in your greenhouse by choosing the sensors to check the humidity in your greenhouse remotely. Our wireless or WIFI solution monitors the current conditions during day and night and may warn you before environment conditions fall below or exceed predefined thresholds. Growing toward productivity!

Minimizing unexpected expenses by online humidity monitoring and control of Warehouse

Maintain the quality of item’ s condition in storage through timely alerts, and wireless or wifi monitoring of the humidity and discover problems at an early stage. You can set the minimum / maximum humidity levels as well as the allowable violence time for each sensor.

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Get exact humidity around your unit by wifi humidity control

An alarm from a remote Wi-Fi humidity sensor will enable you to take precautions before the humidity reaches destructive stages. Wifi thermostat with humidity sensor avoids you to keep an eye over your area with monitors remotely.

Features & Benefits of humidity monitoring and control sensors

Advantages of humidity monitoring and control services are:

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Humidity monitoring and control

How can you order a humidity monitoring?

Our company (FSE) offers services to protect your business by humidity level monitoring and control. This advanced and initiative technology may promote plant growth by online humidity monitoring and control. Minimizing unexpected expenses by online control of warehouse  humidity  is other feature of this modern technology. You can call us to order this service.


Our smart services

Beside humidity monitoring and control, smartFSE offer other smart technologies to equip your place. We offer smart services for homes, offices, greenhouses, warehouses, villas, buildings, hospitals, hotels, parks, stadiums, stores, malls, factories, industrial kitchens. 

We provide temperature monitoring services for industries. In industrial kitchens and other kinds of industries, we can design, set up and repair this smart facility. Smart temperature monitoring helps to check heat level in your environment remotely.

Our other option for industries is pressure control service. This smart technology helps to monitor pressure of gas, water and other energy sources to save energy and cost.

Online consumption monitoring is another advanced option for parks, greenhouses, homes, offices, … . This option helps to control energy and power consumption remotely. Energy monitoring devices has sensors to collect and transfer data.

Smart booth is other option for smart and modern places like stadiums, stores and malls. Smart people counting service helps to monitor visitor entrances and exits of your place. The main goal of online people count system to improve customer services and enhance your profits.

Smart cities need smart and modern technologies. Smart waste collection system can help to have a clean and healthy city. Smart waste management system can monitor the amount of trash in bins and transfers data to garbage trucks to collect them on time.

Our company can equip offices and buildings with smart devices to control everything in them remotely and wirelessly. You can control and check heating, lightening and security system of your place by smart sensors. These smart sensors gather data and transfer them to make decision.

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TOLL FREE : 800-6001