Smart Booth

Find your footfall in real-time by smart booth

See and monitor how many people are in your stores and shopping malls. And the occupancy level or limit the number of people coming in. People counting sensors in smart booth can aid you track the number of people in stores and display automated alarms to incoming shoppers and report live data. Our people counter system provides data that will help you to create outcomes to improve your activities and enables you to make correct decisions.

Smart booth

Smart selfie booth helps you detect Customer traffic

Detect peak visitor times in different areas within your premises and optimize operational efficiency by planning and supplying to meet actual traffic and demand. The people counting system allows you to get online people traffic statistics to control the occupancy level and limit the number of people coming in to provide a safe environment.

Smart booth drives your business growth

The online people count system is a unique real-time statistics system within a centralized online reporting system that shows the total number of people in your stores with many entrances and exits. This informs you about the number of times a customer visits your store and how their stay extended is. So you can check your success in attracting store visits and measure how well you are doing.

Where can you use this smart technology?

With our smart booth system in a few simple steps, you can start counting and analyzing your customer traffic. Usual places to use this smart and digital booth system are:

Benefits of the Smart Booth Service?

People counting by smart booth has advantages such as:

How can we help you?

Our company’s services are smart technologies for an easier life. Innovative and modern facilities such as smart booth will help you to Improve your business level and save more money and energy. 

We can equip your place like mall, store, stadium by the latest version of online people counting system. Our skilled technicians can help you to design, install and maintain smart counting people in your workplace. This advanced and high quality technology makes your work easier and safer.


Smart services of our company

smartFSE offer different smart technologies for home, factory, office, hospital, hotel, industrial kitchens, greenhouse and warehouse. The main goal of these modern technologies is to make your life and business easier. Smart technologies are eco-friendly and help to save energy.We provide all options to equip a smart home. In a smart home you can control lighting, heating and security systems remotely. Smart facilities can be customized according to you and u=your family desire.In a smart home you can have a smart theater room. In this room you can watch movies or play video games with your family or friends. All audio visual devices of this room can be personalized according to your budget and requirements. If your home has a pool you can install a smart pool cover. This cover prevents accidents in the pool. You can change the pool function by pushing a button. Our company experts can equip your office with smart devices to simplify everyday needs of you and your employees. A smart office helps to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and communication. We offer different options for industries and factories. One of our main services is temperature and humidity control service. You can apply this technology in different industries like industrial kitchens. In factories we offer smart pressure control services to monitor gas or water pressure. This smart technology helps to prevent energy waste. Online power consumption monitoring service is another option for industries to save energy and money. Another modern technology which we offer is a smart waste collection system. This smart technology helps to keep cities clean. Sensors over the bins check the level of collected garbage and request a

clean-up by message.  We can provide the latest version of smart technologies to equip your villa or building too. 

Our skilled experts can design, install and maintain smart booth in malls, stores or stadiums to save time and improve productivity.

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